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Berikut Ini contoh Latihan Soal Ujian Sekolah US SMP Bahasa Innggris Tahun 2022 



1.     According to the notice, the people are forbidden to…
a.       smoke
b.      dance
c.       swim
d.      drive

2.     This notice is commonly found…
e.       at the market
f.       at the zoo
g.      on the beach
h.      in the forest

“ Fasten your seatbelt while seated”

3.     Where doyou usually find this instruction?
a.       In the truck
b.      In the bus
c.       In the ship
d.      In the plane

4.     The notice means that passenger …
a.       must fasten their seatbelt
b.      may fasten their seatbelt
c.       may not fasten their seatbelt
d.      must not fasten their seatbelt

Read the advertisement and answer question 5 to 6

Gentlemen’s Tailor

Jl. Gejayan 12 Yogyakarta
Telp. (0274) 813671
Suits, shirts and trousers made to measure
Suits made in 48 hours. Shirts made in 24 hours

5.     Which of the following statement is true according to the advertisement?
a.       Only ladies made to measure
b.      Only suits and shirts made to measure
c.       Making suits need longer time than shirts
d.      Gentlemen and ladies can make their suitss

6.     What does the VIP Tailor offer to the customer?
a.       Only shirts
b.      Only suits
c.       Shirts and suits
d.      Suits, shirts and trousers

Read the text and answer question 7 to 9

There are six persons in my family. They are my father, my mother, my one sister, my two brothers and my self. My father is a teacher and my mother is housewife. I’m thirteen years old, and I’m student of SMP 1 Panggarangan. My sister, Siti is SMK student. She is two years older than me. My brother, Dodi, is an SMA student and Titi is an SD student. Hadi, the youngest 13 three years old.

7.     What is the main idea of paragraph?
  1. The writer’s relatives
  2. The writer’s family
  3. The writer’s kids
  4. The writer’s job

8.     How many persons are there stated in the text?
  1. Three persons
  2. Four persons
  3. Five persons
  4. Six persons

9.     How all is she?
  1. Twelve
  2. Thirteen
  3. Fourteen
  4. Five teen

Berikut Ini contoh Latihan Soal Ujian Sekolah US SMP Bahasa Innggris Tahun 2022 


       Computers are machines that handle information automatically. They can perform calculations and process data. Computers can work with numbers to solve problems in a few seconds. Computers can remember a great deal of information and make practically no mistakes. That is why computers are widely used in places such as bank, offices and companies.
       Computers work like calculators. But most calculators can do only one thing at a time. We tell them what to do by pressing various buttons. To do the same work, we can give a series of instructions to a computer. We call this a computer program. If we set up a program, the computer can provide other information, such as a list, numbers, letters, word or even graphs or pictures. Once we provide a program, the computer can do all this work automatically without further help or instruction.
       A computer stores and handles numbers. The numbers may be mathematical formulas or columns of figures. The numbers may also be codes that stand for letters of the alphabet, word or instruction to the computer.

10. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?
  1. A computer works like calculator
  2. A computer stores and handles numbers
  3. A computer can not memorize a great deal of information
  4. A computer is a machine that handles information automatically

Read the text and answer question 11 to 13

     Last week, Mr ariyanto and his family had a picnic. They went to Sanur and Kuta Beach. They left by car at four in the afternoon. Mr Ariyanto drove his car carefully. They arrive at Sanur at six in the evening. Then they went to a motel near Sanur Beach, They spent the night there.
     The next day they went to Sanur Beach. They went there on foot because the motel is not more than a kilometer from the beach. They started early in the morning because they wanted to see sun rice. After the sun rose, they enjoyed other activities. Mr Ariyanto and his wife looked at a tourist painting in a small gallery. Their children enjoyed a boat trip. There were glad because they had never done it before. At ten o’clock they went back to the motel. They stayed and had lunch there.
     At four in the afternoon, they left for Kuta Beach. They went there by car. Then they walked along the seashore. They saw some foreign tourists lay on the sand and had a message, other were surfing. They spent two hour on Kuta Beach.

11. Why did they go to the beach early in the morning?
  1. Enjoying a boat trip
  2. Looking at paintings
  3. Seeing the sun rice
  4. Ordering the lunch

12. How long did it take to Mr. Aryanto’s family to Sanur Beach by car?
  1. One hour
  2. Two hours
  3. Three hours
  4. Four hours

13. “They stayed and had lunch there” (paragraph 2)
The underlined word refers to …
  1. Motel
  2. Gallery
  3. Sanur Beach
  4. Kuta Beach

Read the text and answer question 14 to 16

     A big storm happened two days a go. It destroyed everything in the city. The electricity went off. All big trees went down. Some people lost their houses animals died. Students cannot go to school because their schools were broken.
     The Indonesian Re-Cross Society helped all the people in the city. They gave them some food, some cloths, and some blanked to protect their body from the cold. They also gave some medicine to the sick people there.
     Some people from other village gave their hands to help the people in the city rebuild their houses, schools, and mosques. They worked together without giving any complaint.

14. Who helped the people in the city?
  1. The army
  2. The president
  3. People from other village
  4. The Indonesian Red-Cross Society

15. Which of the following statement is FALSE according to the text?
  1. The Indonesian Red-Cross Society rebuild the houses.
  2. A big storm destroyed everything in the city.
  3. Some people from other village helped to rebuild the houses, schools and mosques.
  4. Because of the schools broke, the students couldn’t go to school.

16. They gave them some food. (paragraph 2)
What does the underline word refer to ?
  1. Some people from the city.
  2. The students from the village.
  3. Some people from other village.
  4. The Indonesian Red-Cross Society.

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Read the text and question 17 to 20

     Once upon a time, a hawk fell in love with a hen. The hawk flew down from the sky and asked the hen, “will you marry me?”
     The hen loved the brave, strong hawk and wished to marry him. But she said, “I cannot fly high as you can. If you give me time, I may learn to fly as high as you. Then we can fly together.
     The hawk agreed. Before he went away, he gave the hen a ring. “This is to show that you have promised to marry a rooster: 50, when the rooster saw the ring, he became very angry. “Throw that ring a way at once!” shouted the rooster. The hen was so frightened at the rooster’s anger that she threw away the ring immediately.
     When the hawk came a few month’s later, the hen told him the truth. The hawk was so furious that he cursed then hen, “why didn’t you tell me earlier?” now, you’ll always be scratching the earth, and I’ll always be flying above to catch your children.” Said the hawk.

17. Why did the hawk curse the hen?
  1. The hen didn’t tell him the truth.
  2. The hen couldn’t fly as high as the hawk.
  3. The hawk didn’t want to marry the hen.
  4. The hawk couldn’t catch the hen children.

18. Which statement is TRUE based on the story above?
  1. The rooster gave the hen a ring.
  2. The rooster saw the hen wearing the ring.
  3. The rooster taught the hen flying in the sky.
  4. The rooster saw the hen walking with the hawk.

19. “The hen loved the brave, the strong hawk …” (paragraph 2)
What is antonym of the underline word?
  1. Bold
  2. Weak
  3. Fear
  4. Angry

20. What can we learn from the story above?
  1. Never say the truth.
  2. Do not ever lie to others.
  3. Never be a loyal person.
  4. It’s not important being hones.

Berikut Ini contoh Soal Latihan Dan Pembahasan Ujian Sekolah US  Bahasa Innggris SMP Tahun 2021/2022
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Long, long a go, a terrible dragon came to the kingdom of Tarania. It carried away the princess
“Oh, oh, oh save my princess, “the king Tarania shouted. “Who can save Princess Tara?”
“I can save princess Tara. I’m the bravest knight in your kingdom”, Prince Gregor said proudly
“I can save her too, but I’m the poorest boy in your kingdom”, Thomas said humbly.
“You? Ha..ha..ha..,” Prince Gregor laughed loudly. “How can you save the princess? You have no soldiers and no swords.” “I’ll save the princess, beggar boy.”
Ready! Get set! Charge! The terrible dragon roared! Prince Gregor and his soldiers ran away. But Thomas did not run away. He opened his basket, and took out a ladder, a flute, a rope, piece of meat, a spear, and a blanket. Then Thomas ran into the cave and saved princess Tara.

Taken from: Primary English Thematic Series “Pets

21. How many tools did the poorest boy use to fight against the dragon?
  1. Nine
  2. Eight
  3. Seven
  4. Six

22. “ I can save her too, but I’m the poorest boy in your kingdom”.
Thomas said humbly.
The antonym of the underlined word is …
  1. angrily
  2. politely
  3. respectfully
  4. disrespectfully

23. What can you learn from the text?
  1. People need braveness and power to get something.
  2. People don’t need braveness and power to get something.
  3. Somebody need money to get something.
  4. Somebody don’t need money to get something.

Berikut Ini contoh Soal Latihan Dan Pembahasan Ujian Sekolah US  Bahasa Innggris SMP Tahun 2021/2022

Read the text and answer questions 24 to 26

     A magazine is a publication containing articles and stories. They are written by various writers. A magazine is issued at intervals, for example weekly or monthly.
     Some people said that the development of magazines brought competition for newspaper. But it was not true.
     There are various kinds of magazines, such as religious, farm magazines, and magazines for doctor, teachers, homemakers and many others.

24. What do we call magazine issued every seven days?
  1. Daily
  2. Weekly
  3. Monthly
  4. Annually

25. What kind of magazine do we read if we want to study how to grow roses?
  1. Farm magazine
  2. Religious magazine
  3. Teachers magazine
  4. Homemakers magazine

26. “They are written by various writers.” (paragraph 1)
The word “They” refers to ….
  1. Magazine, articles, and stories
  2. Stories and magazine
  3. Articles and magazine
  4. Articles and stories

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       Are you planning to travel this holiday, season? Think about a trip to lake Bedugul in Bali. It is very beautiful. It has everything a tourist wants. You can enjoy driving through the beautiful countryside. Or you can enjoy hiking in the woods. If you like water sports, you will love this wonderful lake. You can go skiing, parasailing, and jet skiing.
       How can you go to Bali? There are many ways to go to Bali. You and your friends can go by air, by water or by land but it is cheaper to by land. If you live in Jakarta, you can take a bus from pulogadung bus station straight to Denpasar or you can take the train from Gambir station to Surabaya. Then, take a bus to Bali and get off in Denpasar. Afterwards, you can take a bus to lake Bedugul.

So, enjoy to holiday

27. “It is very beautiful” (paragraph 1)
The word “It” refers to …
  1. Bali
  2. Lake Bedugul
  3. Country side
  4. The wood

Read the procedure text for the question 28 to 30

Making jelly is very simple by following these directions you will need one packet of jelly crystals, a 500 ml jug 250 ml of boiling water, 200 ml of cold water, and a bow!
1.      Empty contents of packets of jelly crystals in the jug.
2.      Add boiling water
3.      Stir well until crystals dissolve
4.      Add the cold water and stir
5.      Pour mixture into a bow!
6.      refrigerate until it firm

28.  What does the writer mean with the text?
  1. To persuade the readers buying the jelly.
  2. To inform the readers the step of making jelly.
  3. To explain the readers what the good jelly is.
  4. To suggest the readers consuming jelly everyday.

29. What do you have to do after the second step?
  1. Add boiling water
  2. Add the cold water
  3. Refrigate until it firm
  4. Stir well until crystal dissolve

30. “a 500 ml jug, 250 ml of boiling water, …” (line 3)
      The underline phrase means…
  1. Hot water
  2. Cold water
  3. Warm water
  4. Fresh Water
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Read the procedure text for the question 31 to 32

Do you like drinking tea? I do. I drink about 3 cups of tea every day. This is how you make tea. First, boil some water and pour it into a cup. Second, put a teabag into the cup and jiggle it to let the flavor of the tea out of the bag. Third, add some sugar to the tea and stir it until the sugar dissolves. Finally drink it while it is still hot.

31. How many tea-bags does the writer spend in a week?
  1. 20
  2. 21
  3. 22
  4. 23

32. Put a tea bag into the cup”
The antonym of the underline word is …
  1. Take
  2. Buy
  3. Bring
  4. Drink

Berikut Ini contoh Soal Latihan Dan Pembahasan Ujian Sekolah dan Ujian Nasional atau US dan UN Bahasa Innggris Tahun 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Read the text and answer question 33 to 34

Hi Harris street,
21st June 1985

Dear Ina,
       Thanks for your letter.
       You asked me about meals in Britain. You said that nearly everyone in Indonesia eats rice: at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, in Britain, hardly anyone eats rice. Nearly everyone starts the day with eggs, and sometimes toast and coffee or tea.
       Many people in Britain eat bread every day. In cities, lost of people bring sandwiches at home and bring them to their office or factory to eat.
       Nearly everyone eat meat of fish and potatoes and vegetable for dinner in the evening. After dinner, most British people drink tea with milk and sugar.
       Please tell me more about life in Indonesia. Oh yes, give my hello to Ulfa, Meta and Sisilia. How are they going now?

33. “Lots of people bring sandwiches at home …” (paragraph 2)
What does the underline word refers to?
  1. Britain
  2. Sandwiches
  3. Food and drink
  4. Jeanne’s family

34. Who was the letter for?
  1. Ulfa
  2. Meta
  3. Ina
  4. Sisilia

Dear Joana,
I’m happy now because I was chosen to complete in a volleyball game. My physical education teacher said, “you have to train hard.” I have to train from morning to afternoon.
Pray for me, I can do my best.
Best wishes,

35. Joana is Tonny’s…
  1. friend
  2. Teacher
  3. Student
  4. Neighbor

36. “You have to train hard.”
The underline word means …
  1. Seriously
  2. Carefully
  3. Carelessly
  4. Lazy

Read the invitation letter and answer question 37 to 38
You are invited to a Birthday Party
BRIAN HARTAWAN is turning thirteen
Saturday, September 8th
Four o’clock in the afternoon
In Lezat Restaurant
Jl. Pahlawan No.2

37. What time will the party be held?
  1. 2 pm
  2. 3 pm
  3. 4 pm
  4. 5 pm

38. What is the purpose of the text above?
  1. To inform the readers about the Brian’s house location.
  2. To ask the readers joining the Brian’s party.
  3. To persuade the readers gathering in the Brian’s house.
  4. To suggest the readers leaving the Brian’s party

Berikut Ini contoh Soal Latihan Dan Pembahasan Ujian Sekolah US  Bahasa Innggris SMP Tahun 2021/2022


Place come to a party to celebrate the tenth Wedding Anniversary of
Yayan Permana & Yeyen Permony
Sunday, February 22 nd 2008
‘1.00 pm – 18.00 pm
Hotel Graha Dinar
Jl. Cipayung Km.79 Bogor
West Java

39. When will the party be held?
  1. In the morning
  2. In the afternoon
  3. In thr evening
  4. At night

40. What is the purpose of the text above?
  1. To invite people to come to wedding anniversary.
  2. To invite people to have the meeting in hotel Graha Dinar.
  3. To entertaint the guess in the wedding anniversary.
  4. To performe a show in the wedding anniversary.

41. Arrange the following words into a good sentense
our     keep     from     earth     reduction
  1         2           3          4               5

  1. 2 – 4 – 3 – 1 – 5
  2. 2 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 5
  3. 3 – 1 – 2 – 4 – 5
  4. 1 – 3 – 4 – 2 – 5

42. there is  -  where  -  a way  -  a will  -  there is
     1              2             3             4              5

The correct arrangement of the word is …
  1. 2  -  5  -  1  -  3  -  4
  2. 1  -  2  -  3  -  5  -  4
  3. 2  -  5  -  4  -  1  -  3
  4. 1  -  2  -  4  -  5  -  3

43. Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph
  1. She lived with her bad step mother.
  2. Snow white met seven dwarfs who help her from her mother’s evil plan.
  3. Her step mother sent her to the forest.
  4. Long a go, there life a very beautiful princess called snow white.
  5. A handsome price met her and they lived happily ever after.

  1. 3  -  2  -  4  -  1  -  5
  2. 2  -  3  -  1  -  4  -  5
  3. 4  -  1  -  3  -  2  -  5
  4. 4  -  3  -  1  -  2  -  5

44. Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph
  1. It all happened very quickly, people just stood and watched.
  2. A car stopped outside the shop, and two men go out.
  3. He threw the brick at the windows and smashed it.
  4. They had masks on.
  5. One of them held a brick in his hand.
  6. One man took the coats from the window and the other put them in the back of the car.

  1. 2  -  3  -  4  -  1  -  6  -  5
  2. 2  -  4  -  5  -  3  -  6  -  1
  3. 2  -  4  -  6  -  3  -  1  -  5
  4. 3  -  4  -  5  -  6  -  2  -  1

Berikut Ini contoh Soal Latihan Dan Pembahasan Ujian Sekolah US  Bahasa Innggris SMP Tahun 2021/2022

For  questions 45 to 47, choose the most suitable to complete the paragraph

       Most dolphins … (45) in the sea. They are very good swimmer and they seem to like people. Dolphins sometime swim beside the boats. Sometime they save people who are in danger or help injured dolphins. Some drivers think that dolphins are the … (46) animals … (47) believe that dolphins can think like humans.

a.       live
b.      lives
c.       lived
d.      is living

a.  diligent
b.  intelligent
c.  beautiful
d.  dangerous

a.  It
b.  He
c.  She
d.  They

The coach of the Indonesia basketball team calls a time-out and instruction his players to change their strategy. He … (48) Jody to keep the ball as long as possible. Jody is good at dribbling the ball. His skill is controlling the ball is … (49) but he is not suite good at shooting. Togar is better at shooting and he is also the fastest player in the team, … (50) only weakness is that he is very thin and not very strong.

a.       tells
b.      knows
c.       thinks
d.      leaves

a.       preventive
b.      imperfect
c.       excellent
d.      doubtful

a.       her
b.      their
c.       our
d.      his

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